June 24, 2024


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Canada Nickel, West vs The Rest

Sulfides vs Laterites

“Nickel laterites are essentially soggy dirt requiring huge amounts of energy or acid to process, often powered by coal in Indonesia. This results in a carbon footprint of 50 to 80 tons of CO2 per ton of nickel. In contrast, nickel sulfides offer a cleaner, more sustainable solution.” – Mark Selby

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Funding Crawford

“We are in a 5 to 7-year window where there’s all of these government credits and programs available. We can use their capital to build these assets without using much additional shareholder capital.” – Mark Selby

Additional Discoveries

“By this time next year, we will have delivered seven additional resources. We think we’ll make another half a dozen discoveries and could become the world’s largest nickel sulfide district.” – Mark Selby

Nickel Demand

“Nickel demand’s growing at more than 10% a year since 2020, so we need almost 300,000 tons of nickel annually. That’s about five times what Sudbury produces today. The demand for clean, green local nickel supply will far outpace the available supply, leading to substantial premiums in the market over the next five to seven years.” – Mark Selby

Regional Nickel Premiums

“The real bifurcation is exactly that: it’s going to be Western World Supply vs the China-Russia block. With substantial demand for clean, Green Local nickel Supply, by definition, those premiums are going to emerge.” – Mark Selby

“What a lot of investors don’t realize is that there are regional premiums and prices globally. Even today, across a range of commodities, you see massive price differentials between where carbon steel trades for in the United States versus Asia and Europe, and the same goes for stainless steel and other metals.” – Mark Selby

“Investors often don’t believe in the price differentiation between nickel from different sources. However, the emerging market for clean nickel, driven by government subsidies and regulatory requirements, is real and will create significant premiums.” – Mark Selby


“By 2027, we plan to have the largest nickel sulfide operation in the Western world, doubling as one of Canada’s largest carbon storage facilities.” – Mark Selby